Conditions of Use of the Crazyinlove Gothic Shop

These terms and conditions of use are applicable to all the websites registered under the brand name "Crazyinlove". These conditions are therefore extensible to the principal website and all associated dominiums; this includes all the different mobile phone applications.
Accessing any of the websites of the brand name "Crazyinlove" or using any associated  mobile phone application, implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, you should refrain from using any of these websites or associated applications.

Definition of the contractual purchasing relationship

As part of the purchasing process, you will be able to check your order and your personal details as well as being able to correct anything which is not  to your satisfaction. You will be sent a confirmation email with the items you ordered and your personal details, as soon as our system receives your order. This document is considered to be  your bill.
Our acceptance of your order is produced when the initial state of your order changes from "New purchase" to a different state. At this moment you will be informed by email and it will be confirmed in the "My account" section of the website. From this moment, the contractual purchasing relationship is considered firm by both parties.
We reserve the right to cancel your order in the following cases:

  1.  When the articles are not available due to error.
  2. When we do not receive the payment or authorisation of payment.
  3. If an error in the price or description of the item has occurred.

In the case of cancellation, we will inform you by phone or email of the reasons for the cancellation.


Postage, packaging and manipulation are charged separately in one, simpified, grouped charge which we call "postal charges". Our current postal fees are available en the section: Methods of Payment and Shipping.
All our prices include VAT and are not changed while stocks exist. At the end of the season (January and July) we may reduce the prices of some items, in which case we will  clearly indicate the new price and the previous one.

Description of products, images and sizes.

We do our utmost to guarantee the accuracy of the images and the description of the products, as well as the correct measurement of the sizes.
In the case of a manufacturing error or inaccuracy of product description, Crazyinlove assumes responsibility and will offer to recover the product free of charge and to  refund the whole price paid, as well as the postal charges.
This accepted responsibility of Crazyinlove is not extensible to the changes or returns which the customer wishes to make, using his rights of change or refusal.In these cases, Crazyinlove cannot be held responsible for the postal charges related to the return or change of the product.

Right of refusal or return

In agreement with the existing policies of changes and returns, you can return your order for any reason during the 15 days following the reception in your home, with the guarantee of a complete refund of the cost. You will only be responsible for the cost of the postage to our warehouse.
When we receive your package and have  checked the state of the returned articles, we will refund the complete cost. Your rights of return or refusal cease to exist if the returned articles are used, damaged or cannot be sold again as new.


No return of stockings, panties, bras, underwear, bodies or lingerie for reasons of hygiene.

Cancellation policy before, during and after posting

You  may cancel your order before it is sent, provided that you inform us by phone. Once the package has been given to the mailing company, your order is in transit and cannot be cancelled. In the case of non-acceptance of the package when it is delivered, you will be charged for any costs the company may impose for delivery and subsequent return. In the case of wishing to cancel once the order has been delivered to your home, you may freely exercise your right of return or refusal as explained in the previous paragraph "Rights of return or refusal".

Licence and rights of intellectual property

All the users of the web and its associated mobile applications have the right to print or download extracts for their personal use with the following requirements:

  1. None of the documents or images may be altered in any way.
  2. No image or logo used on the web may be used out of its context.
  3. None of the logos,images or images of products may be used with commercial intentions.
  4. None of our logos, images or images of products may be used without reference to "" and the direct link to the extract from our website.

Links from other websites

If you wish to link to our web, you may only do so with the following conditions.

  1. You may not remove, distort or change the size or appearance of the logo.
  2. You may not create a frame  around this web.
  3. You may not imply that you are offering a service or property which you possess.
  4. You may not represent us or give confusing or false information about us.
  5. You may not use any distinguishing feature or logo of this web without our explicit permission.
  6. You may not link us to a web which you do not possess.
  7. You may not link us to a web with offensive, controversial or illegal content or to one which does not comply with intellectual property regulations.

We reserve the right to revoke the rights guaranteed in this clause and take whatever legal action we deem appropriate. In such cases, we  will seek any  compensation we deem fit for the incompliance of the conditions in this clause.

Registering in our website

Each user's account is for one individual person. We cannot accept orders for third parties or group orders. The responsibility for maintaining the secrecy of the user name and user pin is exclusively the user's. Any expenses caused by the fraudulent or irresponsible use of the user name and user pin will be the responsibility of that user, especially in the case of monetary expenses.
We reserve the right to suspend or cancel any account at our discretion if any of the terms or conditions of this text are unfulfilled.

Legislation and jurisdiction

Crazyinlove is a Spanish company, irrespective of where the web may be localised. For this reason, these terms and conditions are in agreement with Spanish legislation and European guidelines. Any legal dispute of these terms and conditions is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish courts.


Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file, which is stored in your computer, tablet, phone or any other device used for browsing the Internet. Cookies can store information for statistical or functional purposes.

While browsing our website, we may be storing information about how you and our other users are using our site and the services we offer. This information will be treated securely and anonymously via cookies.

Our objective in using cookies is to personalize the access to our shop with the aim of improving your browsing experience, the correct working of our site and to show you contents and/or publicity related to your preferences.

Crazyinlove fulfills all the requirements in the Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información Law, in fulfillment of  Directiva 2009/136/CE.

What types of cookies are there?

According to their type, they can be classified as:


“Session cookies” or “persistent cookies”: the first type is eliminated when the browser is closed, while the second type remains in the device for the predefined time of the cookie. An example of a persistent cookie would be the type which allows you to be identified every time you return to our site from the same device, so you don’t have to identify yourself again and again.

“Own cookies” or “third party cookies”, whether they belong to Crazyinlove or an external company. An example of a third party cookie would be when you want to share an article on a social network. At that moment, the social network installs or updates a cookie on your search engine even though you are browsing Crazyinlove.

What types of cookies do we use in Crazyinlove?

The cookies we use are necessary for the correct working of the website, allowing the web to function with all its services.

Technical cookies

These permit you to browse our website and use all the services we offer. The most important would be: user identification, access to the panel “My account”, memory of the articles in the shopping basket, completion of the shopping process and sharing content on social networks.

Personalized cookies

These permit you to access the web services of Crazyinlove predefined according to a series of criteria such as language preferences, the type of browser used or location configuration from which the user accesses the service.


Analysis cookies

These permit us to analyze the behaviour of our website users. By using them we can study the relationship between our users and our web and introduce improvements. An example of this sort of cookie is the type used by Google Analytics. This tool does not obtain names, surnames or addresses of location of log-in, or any other identifying personal data of the user.

For more information about Google Analytics cookies and their privacy policy:


Advertising cookies and behavioural cookies

These cookies store information about user behaviour through observation of browsing habits, which allows development of specific publicity for each user according to their browser profile. In Crazyinlove we use Google Adwords and the Display network of Google. Google uses cookies to send ads based on previous site-visits. This means that Google can show you Crazyinlove ads in other sites you may visit on the Internet.


How can I manage cookies?

You can configure your browser to allow or refuse the installation of cookies. You can also setup to allow or refuse a particular type of cookie or you may ask to be warned when a cookie is being installed. Please be advised that if you opt out, some or all of our services may then cease to function.
Each browser has its own specific configuration instructions. Here we provide you with links for specific information of the most frequent ones: