Frequently Asked Questions

Before you buy

Do you have a paper catalogue?

No, we don't! We upload 4 new articles every day and it takes 4 weeks for a catalogue to be printed; we would therefore always be 80 articles short!! All our products are on the web and we update day by day, minute by minute.


How long does it take for items out of stock?

This depends on the model and the manufacturer. We replace stock asap, but not all items can be replaced. If you're interested in any particular item, we recommend you sign up to be advised by email when the product is available.


When will my order arrive?

From the moment we send it, it takes three or four days depending on your country. If it doesn't arrive, you should get in touch with us to assist you. Deliveries are not made at weekends and on local festivities.


What happens if I'm out when the package comes?

Don't worry! You will be left a note or someone will ring to arrange a new delivery date. if nobody gets in touch, you should contact us and we'll give you the order number.



How do I make an order with Crazyinlove?

First step, register on our website, then add items to your shopping basket. Next, press "Shipping charges" and choose the method of payment.


How can I know the price in different currency?

We can only accept payment in euros and sterling pounds . Should you wish to see the price in another current, you can use a reliable conversion site such as


Is it safe to shop with Crazyinlove?

Yes, of course. All the information you give us for your order and credit card details for payment are protected. The transaction is through a secure service and your bank details are encrypted. Shop safely with us!


Delivery of orders

When do we send the orders?

We ship packages the same business day or the next business day. Keep in mind that our warehouse is in Spain, so we may have holidays that do not coincide with your country.


Can I ask for the package to be delivered to a different address?

As long as you tell us before the package leaves our warehouse, there's no problem. Once the package has left us, it's more difficult. If the new address is in the same delivery zone, it's no problem, but if it's in another town, you will probably be charged extra.


Do you dropship?

Yes, we do dropshipping with different brands. This means that when you order a dropshipping product, we have to order it directly from the manufacturer. He sends it to us, along with other dropshipping products, once a week. Once we have received the package from the manufacturer, we will send you your order. For this reason the delivery time is 2-3 weeks in these cases.


Returns and Exchanges

How can I change or return my order?

You have to return the item in its original packaging, in perfect conditions, in the 15 days following receipt to: Crazyinlove SL, Carrer de Salvador Espriu 27, 08100 Mollet del Vallés, Spain. Once the returning item arrives to our warehouse you will receive your refund via the same means used to make your purchase. In order to identify your parcel and your order to complete the refund you have to add a note with your name and order number. If you want to exchange an item you have to return it and make a new purchase.


How do I prepare the package to be returned?

If you have the original package , just close it up again and return to the delivery service. If you prefer, you can put it in another bag or box, as long as it is well sealed.